All required chat features

Secure one to one messaging chats to keep the interaction going.

Start chatting in real time with a single click.

MQTT CHAT docked main template
MQTT CHAT upload and send photos

Upload and Send Photos

Users can upload, preview and send photos to each others.

Live pictures from Webcam

Users can also capture photos instantly from the webcam.

MQTT CHAT  capture live pictures from Webcam feature screen shot
MQTT CHAT Sending voice records

Sending voice records

Users can record audio content and send voice recordings to each other.

Presence and typing indicators

Online status, typing indicators, read receipt to make users glued to their screens.

MQTT CHAT Presence and typing indicators
MQTT CHAT Docked Lite theme
MQTT CHAT Docked Dark theme

Several themes available

You can choose the theme that best matches the design of your website.

Facebook like chat template

You can use facebook like template or embedded template.

MQTT CHAT Facebook like chat template
MQTT CHAT Sembedded template

Embedded chat template

A classic embedded and responsive chat template.

Responsive Design

A responsive design that adapts to all screens of desktop or mobile devices

MQTT CHAT android  library
MQTT CHAT android webrtc Audio and Video Calls
MQTT CHAT  audio and video calls feature

Audio & Video Calls

Of course allow users to make illimited audio and video calls.

Android Application

For android users. we have designed a complete turnkey android library.

MQTT CHAT android  library
MQTT CHAT android webrtc Audio and Video Calls

MQTT CHAT mobile FCM notifications
MQTT CHAT mobile FCM notifications

mqtt chat push firefox notifications

mqtt chat push chrome notifications

Web & Android Notifications

Inform your users of received messages even if they are not connected to your website.

Compatible with major browsers and android devices.

Custom dashboard

A custom dashboard to follow in real time any type of statistics related to your MQTT Chat subscription.

mqtt chat scustom dashboard
mqtt chat admin Panel

Admin Panel

A simple and convenient admin panel to configure your subscriptions, add up to 5 domains simultaneously.

Free to start, affordable as you grow

MQTT Chat stands out by a cheapest price on the market ($1 per 1K users), You can try application for free for two years and only when you are convinced start paying.

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