A complete chat solution for your web site for $1 only

Add voice, video and text chat to your site. Revolutionize communication for your users, allow them to communicate, connect and collaborate with MQTT CHAT See Demo

All chat features are there with template choice: embedded or similar to facebook.

MQTT CHAT stands out by a cheapest price on the market ($1 per 1K users), You can try application for free for two years and only when you are convinced start paying.


Easy Integration

Easy integration with a few lines of code. Even a beginner in PHP and Javascript can work with ! Let's start with the installation guide

  <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.3.1/jquery.min.js"> </script>
  <script src="https://clusterX.telifoun.com/rest/en/mqttchat.js?appId=mqttchat-XXXXXXXX&uf=0"> </script>
  <div id="mqttchat" data-layout="docked|embedded" class="mqttchat-[default|lite|dark]"  data-user-id="1"  data-user-name="name" data-user-surname="surname" data-user-avatar=""  data-user-link=""  data-width="700"  data-height="500" >             


new Mqttchat.getBuilder()

Integrating just got easier

MqttChat integrates effortlessly with many platforms, all within minutes.

For websites and web apps with full-page refreshes.
For websites built using WordPress.

For websites built using Angular or AngularJS.
For websites built using ReactJS.

All Integartion Ready Plateforms

Complete documentation: step by step

SDK that allows you to add, edit or remove users to MQTT CHAT through a REST API
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Application hosted in our servers, we take care of all the work. No installation No configuration
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MQTTCHAT Android Library
MQTT CHAT android library that you can integrate in your android application
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Practical Cases and Tutorials

How to use MQTTChat Cloud Web  in a mini website developed with PHP & Mysql.

In this tutorial we will build a mini website using PHP & Mysql and we will show you how to integrate step by step MQTT CHAT embedded to easily add the chat functionality. ...

How to easily integrate MQTTChat android library version 1.1.0 in any android application from API 14.

In this tutorial we will show you how to integrate mqtt chat android library version 1.1.0 in an android application. We will see the three integration methods: by activity, fragment or one to one dialog. We will see also some advanced integration options for specific needs. ...

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